Functional Testing

Functional Testing

  • You applications and websites need to run every time or anywhere and on all the devices with proper functionalities and so functional testing becomes important part of the cycle.
  • The functional testing services focus on testing the applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations for functionality.
  • It is necessary for the applications and websites to be error free and work effectively. Functional testing means that the verification and validation of applications for independent software.
  • Functional testing is a compulsion for all projects – new, large and long-duration engagements. Companies need to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of functional testing by focusing on accelerated testing.



Why iSpark ?

We engage with clients at all stages of lifecycle to match the testing objectives with overall business goals. We have testing procedure started from early stage only so that your overall testing costs are reduced and also the quality improves.

We have well structured testing procedures so that we can reach your goal easily. We also make sure that any new change in the functionality does not affect the existing functionality. We have team of experts testers who make sure that the industry standards are well utilized. We adopt different techniques like Business Flow technique, Exploratory Testing, Decision table and state transition diagram, prioritized technique, risk – based testing, traceability matrix. iSpark follows well structured and easily adaptable techniques so that it is easy to understand.

iSpark Services for Functional Testing :-

  • System Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Data Verification
  • Regression Testing
  • Business Acceptance Testing
  • Requirements Ambiguity Testing

Make us your partner in success and achieve everything you desire for !

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